All I can say is 911 Cup cars are a serious piece of kit; great job Porsche! This thing is a rocket ship in a straight line, about 20mph faster than the Pro Mazda into Turn 1 at Thunderhill, that’s 155mph!

I got to sample the car with a practice session in this morning, followed by a quick session to scrub tyres in the afternoon. Moving on to the evening; we had a solid qualifying session, no clear laps due to crazy traffic (65 cars on track) but managed to put ourselves about where we should be on the grid (12 spot overall and 6th in class). Really chuffed and proud that the team had the faith in me to qualify the car. It’s always frustrating knowing that you could have gone faster, but really pleased considering the on track chaos and lack of experience in the car.

The Speedtrixx guys are currently swapping out the brakes and putting the final prep into the car ready for race start tomorrow. Looks like there will be a significant band of rain coming in Sunday morning to spice up the end of the race. I Can’t wait!