Robin Shute

Sent by Her Majesty the Queen of England to the USA to live the American dream. Give this kid anything and he will make it go fast. An engineering mindset; by day he designs cutting edge electric vehicles in Silicon Valley. Once the weekend comes you can find him pushing (and exceeding) his limits on two, four or no wheels.  Whether on two ski’s or in a Formula car, he’s probably overtaking you.

Manny Mercado



Exotica from Argentina, his life philosophy of apexing everything lends itself impeccably to motor racing. This man crunches the data from the car and helps make sense of Robin’s rambles and turns them into car setups. Just don’t let this guy eat cheap BBQ food.

Robby Thompson

From the flatlands of Florida, this moustache wielding gentleman has honed his skill’s on Germany’s finest automobiles. A passion for racing and anything motorised, he is using his talents to get the job done. He whispers sweet nothings into Robin’s ear before each race ensuring the driver is ready to win.