Hello and welcome to my website, I have put this up to share with you experiences of my first year of motor racing. I am competing in the Sports Car Club of America’s Formula Enterprise class in the San Francisco Region. This covers three racetracks; Thunderhill, Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway (Formerly know as either Infineon or Sears Point). Formula Enterprise is a spec open wheel race class, the chassis was made in Norfolk, UK by Van Diemen and is mated to a Mazda/Ford 2.3L Duratec motor pushing out about 180bhp through a 5-speed sequential box. Add wings to the mix and you have a racecar that can corner approaching 2.5g and topping out at 145mph at the fastest racetracks. Not for the faint of heart….

Running and operating a race car traditionally takes experience, infrastructure and lots of money. You walk down the grid of a local club race and witness the amount of investment put into people’s hobbies and it seems a bit absurd. I am wanting to buck the trend and prove that a race car can be run competitively without the need for all the fancy kit and spending gobs of money. I believe coming along to race day with friends, high spirits, a scrappy attitude and sound engineering knowledge are enough to run a car at the top. I can’t help that my friends are some of the most talented people from the worlds of motorsport and automotive! This is very much a DIY effort.

The pinnacle of SCCA’s race season is the run-offs; racers from all over the country come to compete over one week for top honours in their respective classes. Traditionally this event has been held at tracks around the centre of the USA so that the travel distances equal out for everyone, but for this year it is being hosted on the West Coast at my local circuit, Laguna Seca in California.

This is the story of my attempt to go from a Rookie to National Champion in the space of a season, enjoy the ride!

Update: Almost became Nation Champion; ended up just one step away in second place!